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HOUSEPROUD NORWICHkitchenware norwich

Choose from a wide range of cook ware, utensils, pots and pans from top brands like Stellar, Kitchen Craft, Pyrex, Maxwell and Williams, Tala and judge.

 If Home brewing is your interest then come and see our extensive range of Beer and Wine making kits including Woodfordes, Saint Peters, John Bull, Cellar 7 and Wine Buddy to help you achieve great results.

Also visit our gift shop for very special and unusual presents from cushions and candles to soaps and collectibles you can also find Yankee Candles, Royal Scott, Beatrix Potter, Betty Boop and Willow Tree, plus pretty gifts for Christenings and Weddings along with cards and wrapping.

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houseproud norwich norfolkEstablished over 20 years ago , Houseproud staff have the experience and knowledge to help the novice cooks or the professional chefs.

All products have been tested and price checked to make sure you always receive not only quality but also great prices.

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